Visibility Into How Your Team Works

Our platform aggregates activity in git to help you visualize trends, identify blockers, optimize code reviews and ship code faster.

Turn Git Repos into Actionable Insights.

We analyze historical git data to give you a clear (and accurate) picture on the health of your teams. Debug your processes, identify bottlenecks and visualize trends.
All with objective data, straight from git.

Automatic Reporting

No process changes or manual inputs. Let your team focus on the work and we handle the rest.

Complete Visibility

Unlike story points and velocity, we give in-depth insight into every step in your development process.

Insights & Alerts

Data alone is useless. We help discover tangbile opportunities to boost your team's performance.

Visualize macro trends.

Remove the guess work and see improvement over time.

Whether you added a new CI pipeline, refactored legacy code, or just onboarded a new engineer; Make decisions confidently and see how changes effect your team's performance.

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Spot issues in real time.

Know where your team get's stuck and proactively address blockers.

Whether it's technical debt, distracting meetings or a nasty bug; Know where your team gets stuck without the constant shoulder tapping. Help unblock your team and let them get back to the work they love.

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Improve your teams delivery speed and quality.

Promote faster review times, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

Don't let reviews slip through the cracks with alerts for idle pull requests. Visualize and address knowledge gaps across your team. Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing through pull request assignments.

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Answer the Most Important Questions

Understand in real-time how your team works and where they get stuck. Discover bottlenecks and achieve better engineering outcomes.

Are we getting faster over time?

Track metrics like delivery speed to visualize trends overtime.

What code is waiting for review?

Get alerts so pull requests don't slip through the cracks. Reduce time waiting for reviews.

Where does work get stuck?

Analyze each aspect of the process and find the biggest opportunities for improvement.

How well do we share knowledge?

Visualize collaboration, domain knowledge and knowledge sharing on your team.

How efficiently are we working?

Get up-to-date stats on your development pipeline and see where work gets stuck.

What did we accomplish last month?

Visualize exactly what work was accomplished through reports pulled straight from git.

Haystack works where you do

We can easily integrate into your current development workflow whether cloud or on-premise.




Top questions, how to find the answers, and things JIRA won’t tell you.

Simple Monthly Pricing

Start with one repository or team and scale from there. Simple pricing that scales with you.


Best for teams of 5-50


per developer

  • Unlimited Repositories
  • 50 Tracked Engineers
  • 6 Month Historical Analysis
  • Email Support
  • Dedicated Account Specialist


Best for Teams of 50-100


per developer

  • Unlimited Repositories
  • 100 Tracked Engineers
  • 12 Month Historical Analysis
  • Dedicated Account Specialist
  • On Premise Solution


Best for teams of 100+

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  • All Business Features
  • Unlimited Tracked Engineers
  • Full Historical Analysis
  • On Premise Solution
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